Article - E-Learning


By Ebell Kwon

Education via the internet is called e-learning where knowledge is acquired online. This form of learning is and could become very common. It means that the physical classroom is no longer necessary. Students can access their study materials and communicate online with instructors.

How does e-learning benefits students?

Firstly, it connects students in other learner with similar interests. It also enables students to have easy access to instructor or experts all over the world. Thus, direct discussion and immediate connections mean that doubts or confusion of facts and figures can be solved almost instantaneously. E-learning is also allows for self-paced learning and flexibility. Students become more independent and able. Students are also exposed to the latest computer technology. They become more IT knowledgeable
as they are forced to keep up with the latest communication tools.

E-education is especially suitable for the busy working adult as it is a way for them to learn at their own pace. Some students cannot afford to
have tertiary education immediately after completing secondary education. Online learning offers a way out of this problem as age does not matter here. The only time students has to be at the campus physically in during the exam time.

E-learning includes online forum discussion through ICQ assignments, tutorials which can be downloaded and e-mail communication. Students can prepare for this e-learning by acquiring computer skills and knowledge.